Sunday, 20 July 2014

Still at Kildwick!

They certainly entered into the spirit of the Tour de France in this part of the world
Well the plan was to go to Skipton for the weekend but this was such a lovely spot we decided to stay a while.   There are no mooring restrictions, a church and a pub close by and a small Co op a little bit further walk.   All we need .....
Friday was spent with me doing some work and Geoff & Barney exploring the surrounding area.  We did not have the extra hot weather that the rest of the country seemed to be experiencing, just nice and warm without being unpleasant.   Saturday was completely different as we had heavy pouring rain most of the day. Barney was not impressed when persuaded it was time for a walk.....
A lovely weather vane on top of the school
Friday's view....not Saturday's!
Just beyond the next swing bridge there are more houses with lovingly tended gardens
In fact this whole area seems to have neat and clean villages and even the canal in places is very neat and clean

Sunday morning we went to St Andrews Church where they served delicious home made cake with their coffee afterwards...a definite plus.

We decided to cancel our booking for lunch at the pub.  They advertised Sunday Roast at £6.95 which seemed very reasonable but upon checking.......when we went for a drink on Friday evening, they said they was off for the summer.  They just had their normal menu which was not exciting and more expensive......tourist time I guess.  So instead we have a sausage casserole in the oven!

In fact there are far more boats around all of a sudden.  Lots of hire boats from Silden and also day boats from Snagill up ahead.   Some of them go past at a moderate speed but there seem to be an increasing number who have lost the art of slowing down for moored boats.   It is not the hirers in the main either!   Maybe it is just us and we go past boats too slowly.........

We have been following all the talk of huge thunderstorms over the country with fantastic lightning, but they all seemed to have passed us by.....unless of course we have slept through them.

We really are planning to move tomorrow.......................

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Hop, Skip and a jump day

No particular destination in mind, but the plan was for Skipton at the weekend so we didn't want to go too far.   Barney and I walked as far as Silsden and detoured to the shop.  Just as we were leaving there we followed a boat through the first swing bridge and Geoff returned the favour for them at the next closed one.
There are so many swing bridges on this stretch it does make life a little easier if there is another boat near by.

However before we could go through the next bridge at Kildwick the mooring looked rather inviting, so we stopped and found a place mostly in the shade as the weather was threatening to be very hot again.

We cant afford to pass by views like this

en route we passed some wonderful gardens

We were moored and settled in time for coffee.

Total distance:2.46 miles 
Elapsed time:1h38m49s 
Average speed:1.50 mph (1.50 lock/mph) 

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Heading for Skipton.....also in slow time.

The reason for the slow time is that we have to leave Petroc whilst we go south for the wedding of nephew Marc to Anastysia in early August.  If all goes to plan we have arranged to leave Petroc in Barnoldswick Marina for 2 weeks and daughter Boe will collect us in our car.  The following weekend we will be looking after Giles and Zan's boys whilst they go off to a wedding in foreign parts.   Interspersed with this will be visits to friends.

So we lingered for a day at the top of the Bingley 5 rise.   Geoff took the opportunity to sample to local buses and went into Keighley in the morning yesterday and I did likewise in the afternoon.  It is quite strange to for those of us who live in Cornwall to walk 5 minutes to a bus stop and be presented with a selection of 4 different buses all running approximately 10 minutes apart.....

The mooring was lovely and open and sitting atop the surrounding countryside.   We are not at the summit of the Leeds Liverpool yet, but still quite high up.

I am not sure what the lanterns were in aid of.
Keithley's World War 1 Memorial erected in 1924
No prizes for guessing this one.
The view from our kitchen window
and looking back towards Bingley and the Damart chimney
Today we set off reasonably early as there was rain forecast for later.   No more locks for a while but a plethora of swing bridges!
Barney and I set off for our morning stroll, the first bridge was left open and the second one refused to open. This was Micklethwaite Bridge 199 which had been closed for repairs on Monday and which had decided to play up again.   The barriers have to be put down manually but the bridge itself is electrically operated so when it won't budge there is nothing we can do.  CRT were very speedy with their response I must say.  In fact they were so quick that I was still trying to figure out how to put out a tweet about it!!!   I was persuaded last year by John & Fi on Epiphany to sign up to Twitter but I have hardly used it and now don't know how to tweet!!!!   I thought I managed it on Monday but now can't work out how I did it....
The plan was to stop before Silsden but we had some difficulty fining a spot that was not too shallow to get in, however we managed eventually and were safely moored before lunch just before Silsden.  We have only managed to get the bow in but that is enough.   Though when Geoff walked ahead a little later just round the corner was a long run of Arnco and better mooring, but we couldn't be bothered to move!

En route we stopped to buy milk at some place whose name I can't remember.....and found just next to a pub, a tiny greengrocer's shop  with lovely fruit & veg and a lady who served unusual.

We actually passed about 5 boats this morning and then met one going our way just before we stopped to moor.   Still very quiet up here though.

Total distance:5.33 miles 
Elapsed time:4h5m35s 
Average speed:1.30 mph (1.30 lock/mph)

Monday, 14 July 2014

Bingley 3 rise and Bingley 5 rise in slow.........time

We moved across to the lock landing just before 8am, having already decided that we would wait a while to see if another boat appeared to accompany us up the locks

We waited in vain and so just before 9 a very friendly lock keeper let us in

They do look quite daunting from down below. 
48 minutes later we are 30 ft higher at the top of the 3 and looking back at Bingley
The 5 rise is but a stones throw around the corner and the lock keeper said the upper lock keeper had said to wait at the bottom in the hope of another boat............

At this time of the morning there were no gongoozlers around.
We waited for nearly two hours but again it was in one else seems to have got up this morning.
The leaky gates gave our cratch cover a very good wash down!
Going up double locks alone is not one of my favourite pastimes.  However the lock keepers know their job and it was all quite gentle and only a small amount of wandering.   The trick is to keep ones nose gently on the cill as you rise, however with leaky gates it does mean water in the cratch.  Luckily we had closed the inner doors!

and now we were another 60 ft above Bingley
An easy day for Geoff on the locks and gates
We pulled over to the right by the cafe to use the sani station and then moored on the other side.  We shall stay here a couple of days.   I have designs on an ice cream from the cafe!!!

We were lucky with the weather, just one shower as we neared the top and the temperature remained very bearable much to my delight..

At about 6pm the only other boat of the day appeared from the top of the locks, so glad we had not waited longer.....

Total distance:0.37 miles 
Travelling time:1h52  Time en route 5 hours!

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Sunday in Bingley

Out for Barney's early morning walk I surveyed what is in store for us tomorrow.  First the Bingley 3 rise and then these, the Bingley 5 rise.   The 5 locks raise the canal over 60 feet.

Later in the morning we went to All Saints Church where we were surprised to see a group of Sea Scouts.  It was Sea Sunday so we should not have been surprised but they are quite a long way from the sea......

Although you cannot see in the picture above all the paving stones are old gravestones with the inscriptions on.

A good lunch at the Brown Cow pub and a lazy Sunday doing not a lot!

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Up to the Bingley 3 rise

We decided to move up today to make the church and the pub for tomorrow more accessible.
So we went up the 2 rise locks and about a mile, swapping our rural scene for an urban one.   Having said that it is not without its charm and on the plus side the moorings just below the Bingley 3 rise are on the off side to the towpath, so we are not bothered so much by cyclists.

For quite a few miles now the towpath has been part of the National Cycle network and whether moored or walking it can sometimes be hazardous.

I do like these CRT notices
To be fair there are a large number of cyclists who are very polite and do manage to say thank you when you step aside for them (providing you have heard them coming from behind!) However there are also some who seem to think they own the path and just whizz past you as though they are royalty.   In some cases whizz is the operative word as some of them seem to go at a rate of knots, not slowing down at all as they go past.  perhaps it is the influence of the Tour de France.

We set off just after 8 which was just as well as by the time we moored up it was getting extremely hot.
Approaching Bingley

There are some BIG chimneys around this part of the world.
No prizes for guessing whose factory we are moored beneath
Rail, Road and canal altogether, and Petroc all alone.
We have seen 1 wide beam go up the locks today and half a dozen narrow boats have come down but it is really very quiet here.   There is noiise from the traffic and the trains but after a while you cease to notice it.   In fact as I write this you can hardly hear any of it a it is all being drowned out by the rain!!   The rain arrived about 8pm as forecast and is now quite heavy...still so long as it gets it over during the night we are not worried.
Total distance:1.20 miles
Elapsed time:
Average speed:1.06 mph (2.84 lock/mph)

Friday, 11 July 2014

A leisurely day.......

We all walked back to Saltaire this morning.  I took Barney to the park whilst Geoff went exploring the mill which he had neglected to do yesterday.   We then had coffee in the cafe there, all very laid back and congenial.  On return I settled down to some work (Giles accounts) and Geoff and Barney set off in the other direction to see where we could move to tomorrow.  We wanted to be a bit closer to Bingley for church and lunch.  The last two Sundays it has been a long walk for church so I fancied something easier.

The United Reformed church in Saltaire.
I assume that Sir Titus Salt who built the mills and the village belonged to that faith!

This mill has been converted into private dwellings

Roberts park

I was bemused by this.   We see these barriers in many places, presumably to stop motor cycles?
However I could not see what purpose this one served at all